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7 Top Innovative Marketing Trends For 2019

7 Top Innovative Marketing Trends For 2019

Technologies just get better, and there’s not any stopping regarding the many innovative developments the industry can think of.

Digital marketing is now increasingly being used over traditional marketing efforts by a lot of organizations throughout the world, and trends switch as consumers also progress. Now more than ever before, organizations are quick to evolve these variations to allow them to keep their audience’s’ particular attention and support.

Listed below are seven innovative digital marketing trends which you can use for 2019 that can help your company.

1. Social media continues to be rising:

Studies indicate there presently exists a lot more than 3 billion social media users throughout the world. The data revealed by social media leaders like Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., it’s evident that social media websites will continue a trend in 2019. Which means that having your presence online is essential as well as your social media marketing techniques will have to be very competitive. To have a detailed understanding or flair of new innovative marketing trends one can enroll for a good Digital Marketing Courses offered by various institutes in his vicinity. Good social proof will make your dedicated online community irrespective of industry. Any business can attain good results with a presence online.

2. Chatbots and AI (Artificial intelligence)

In the year 2019 AI (artificial intelligence) could be a warmed debate, it can be extensively being accepted specifically in e-commerce. The most typical kind of Artificial intelligence are chatbots, generally contained in a website for convenient customer service.

Chatbots make it possible for businesses as a way to cater to clients queries without having letting them wait around for the answers and can give suggestions according to keywords they enter. Chatbot-powered marketing will undoubtedly be a standard.

A lot of companies make the chatbot experience a smooth one by adding the technology with text messaging apps. As many customers currently use applications like FB Messenger, Whatsapp, etc. for their private communications, giving chatbot support with these applications enables them to enjoy hassle-free services on the run.

3. Voice search will Effect SEO Ranking Factors in 2019

Voice search is in existence for a while, as it is integrated into cell phones, and you will find now several assistants with this particular technology. On the other hand, there’s been a rise in voice search as identified by Google.

A lot more people are using voice searches, and businesses just cannot get left behind. Voice searches would probably become the most significant search methods, in case of companies do not optimize properly; they could be buried by those who do.

Here’s why people are choosing voice search:

Increase in Speed
The simple truth is, hardly any other search platform is as quickly as voice. Within seconds, it is possible to say what you want and get an answer. You carry out an order, and your task is executed there and then. You do not have to waste your time searching the alphabets on the keyboard.

Improved efficiency

Talking is quicker than typing, instead of utilizing a touch screen or keyboard to find an answer to your question, if you change to speech, you’ll save a lot of time. So, when you save time, you finally improve your efficiency.

Significant Accessibility

The most effective reasons for having voice recognition systems is everyone could use them. For people who’re sightless or cannot make use of a screen for whatever reason, voice search is the ideal alternative. It is the massive group of people that you are losing out on if you are not considering voice search.

4. The rise of Visual Search

Visual search technologies are continuously increasing, even though visual search use is growing throughout many platforms. Visual search will continue to be precise and popular as time passes.
With new, intelligent, visual search technologies getting integrated into branded apps and websites and also increased visual search features currently being built into sites like Google, Pinterest, Bing, etc. visual search is transforming the search marketing scenery as you may know it.
Search engines are becoming much better at comprehending the aspects of photos, leading to much more trustworthy outcomes and increased usage.

5. Increase in Video content

Although online video media content was already witnessed to experience a more significant requirement, it appears as though it is likely to be a consistent pattern for the following upcoming years. Videos are perceived as being a lot more genuine than simple images; therefore it may have a much better marketing effect on potential customers over still photos.

If you have not yet integrated video clips to your business, then that is something you need to make a plan to keep pace with the competition.

6. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality – There Wasn’t Just One Single Reality Any longer

How come Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality among the leading marketing trends for 2019? Today’s current end user would generally like two things: to become involved and also to be a lively participant within the brand’s messaging. AR and VR can meet these two demands, giving brands great possibilities in the area of client experience.

A lot of major brand names like Starbucks, Cisco, and IKEA have integrated these technologies. These techniques can be utilized by e-commerce companies to walk a buyer through using their products and solutions. It is just like a high-technology form of a product exhibition.

7. Authenticity is the winner always.

Customers are significantly distrusting of marketing and advertising due to not authenticity, but tough reliability has become crucial for brands.

A large proportion of customers claims that genuineness is a vital aspect when choosing what brands to support. Because individual’s place a lot more rely upon human beings compared to brands, influencer marketing continues to be, but still is in trends up. We may be sightless with regards to advertisements. However, original content, produced voluntarily by other customers, attracts our eyes very quickly.

It is essential that the marketing tactics give authenticity like including user-generated content which your brand’s storytelling initiatives communicate effectively to your clients.

Attempt to encourage your clients to talk about their experiences using your brands. It’ll undoubtedly payback, as customers are three times quite likely going to state that, content made by the consumer is genuine when compared with content created by a brand.

The marketing arena constantly evolves, which undoubtedly results in improvements.
New marketing styles arrived at the top over the years. Many of them remain to enhance the shape of the market; a lot of them disappear quite quickly.
You should definitely understand how to distinguish them.
Do your research and adapt whenever needed

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